August 24, 2022 By moodylenses

Best-kept secret: Did you know these 6 celebrities wear colored contacts?

Kylie & Kendall

Being part of the Kardashian -Jenner family, which is known for their boujee lifestyles, we are not surprised that the Jenner sisters wear colored contacts a lot. Kylie especially, who has gone through different phases and styles throughout her career, often used bold colored contacts to match and complete her outfit looks. But now that she's older, we see less of dramatic colored contact lenses and more of natural hazel hues that call attention to her own eye color.

Nicki Minaj

Just like her bold and charismatic personality, Nicki is not afraid to experiment with her look, from her hair color to eye color, she is always ready to slay. Her personality shines through in everything she does, from her music to her acting, and now her eye color. Is there something she can’t do?! Colored contact lenses have also been popular in Asia for a while now. They have been part of the Korean fashion scene since at least the early 2000s. If you're a fan of K-pop, you might have noticed how often the singers wear colored contacts. From their music videos to airport fashion, colored contacts have always been part of their looks. The K-pop idols we all love have a special reason for wearing colored contacts. Even if their vision is perfectly fine, they will wear colored contact lenses that make their eyes appear bigger, brighter, and “prettier”. We listed a few K-pop idols who look absolutely stunning with colored contact lenses, so find out if there is anyone you like!

Lisa from Blackpink

Lisa is not the only one who wears colored contacts in the group, all 4 members are fans of colored contacts. However, Lisa especially. Starting with their first album “Square On", Lisa started using colored contacts to enhance her overall look. In the music video of “Boobaya”, she chose a dark blue color with a rather elaborate lens pattern to match her then-bold hair, which made her look like a real-life Barbie doll. In the latest Blackpink single "Pink Venom," Lisa also wore blue contact lenses, but those were more natural and subtle. A small piece of blue contact lenses added an ethereal and mysterious feel to her look. Aside from music videos and commercials, Lisa also wears colored contact lenses in her everyday life. Grey and blue seem to be her favorite colors.

Jimin & Taehyung from BTS

Fashion trends often start out as a fashion statement for women, but men are also donning colored contacts. Jimin and V (Taehyung) of BTS both wear colored contacts.

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