October 10, 2022 By moodylenses

How to Look Good in ANY Eyeshadow

You like to experiment with various colors of eye makeup, but the thing is not every color looks good with your eye color. Understanding how to choose eyeshadow colors that bring out your eyes and complement your overall complexion can be very tricky. You know what colors look good on you, but you are tired of always wearing the same few colors. What should you do? We have a great solution for you! Using colored contacts! Colored contact lenses allow you to change your eye color in an instant, letting you experiment with a whole new world of eye shadow possibilities.
Just like choosing your outfits, when choosing makeup, it is important to consider color theory. For example, if you want to use a certain kind of eye shadow or eyeliner, or even colored mascara, there is a specific color that is the best match and that can really take your makeup look to the next level! To find the perfect colored contact lenses to match your eyeshadow, you need to first find your eyeshadow color on the color wheel. Look across from that color and you'll find the complementary color for your eyeshadow. Now you know which colored contacts you need! By using different colored contact lenses, you can literally make every eyeshadow color look good on you.

Here are some color combinations we recommend

Blue-colored Contact Lenses

Based on the principle of complementary contrasting colors, shades such as copper, coral, and bronze in the orange field are ideal for blue-colored contact lenses. However, it's important to note that matching cool tones like blue, turquoise, and grey/silver can also intensify the appearance of blue-colored contact lenses.

Grey-colored Contact Lenses

Grey-colored contact lenses offer a dramatic, otherworldly look that pairs well with makeup colors like silver, gunmetal, or icy blue. If you want to play up a dramatic eye look that goes beyond black, grey contacts are the way to go.

Green & Hazel-Colored Contact Lenses

Hazel eyes are especially beautiful with blue eyeshadow. Electric blue and hazel-colored contact lenses are a real winning combination. For the rest of your makeup look, keep it simple and apply the shadow across your full eyelid as well as the lower lash line. It's important to blend well for a seamless finish.
Pinks, taupes, and reddish earth tones with gold undertones look great on hazel and green eyes. Shades of purple, from lavender to eggplant, contrast beautifully with green or hazel eyes. So if you use eyeshadow like those, consider using green or hazel-colored contacts. Bright yellow eyeshadow is a stunning makeup look for hazel-eyed beauties. So if you want to use the bright yellow eyeshadow, probably need to consider a pair of hazel-colored contacts! Don’t forget to keep the rest of your look relatively minimal to make your sunny color choice stand out.

Brown-colored Contact Lenses

Brown is the most versatile color, since it's created by mixing all the primary colors together. It goes well with any color, so you have an endless palette to work with when it comes to choosing eyeshadow, lipstick, and complexion products. You can use almost any eyeshadow color- purple, blue, green, bronze, etc.
Now that you understand how to look good in any eyeshadow, run to get the colored contacts you need!!